Alaska Highlights

Tomorrow we travel back south to California, but today here’s a few highlights from Alaska that I couldn’t fit in anywhere else and already passed the dates for. Shot on Moment on iPhone XS, some on Moment Telephoto Lens.

A distant glacier at Tarr Inlet in Glacier Bay National Park. Calm, reflecting water with mountains beyond outside Skagway. And an old steam engine train next to a larger train engine mounted with a snow bore. (I’m calling it a bore, because it looks more like it’s for tunneling than for digging, but it’s made for snow, so… ) I wanted a better angle on the boring train, but unfortunately I waited until late in the day to get to it (actually I had no idea it was even in the town, I’d seen pictures of it and always wondered where it was, then I just walked by it and was like “Hey! There’s that thing that I’ve seen pictures of and never know where it was.” There were too many other people around, the fact that I got any shot with no people in it was amazingly challenging.

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