Bird in a Tree

Bird in a tree with mountains in the background, would have liked to get closer, but didn’t want to spook it. Shot just off the Klondike Hwy in British Columbia. Shot on iPhone XS. Shot on Moment Telephoto Lens.

British Columbia, Canada

Just across the border from Alaska there’s a lovely scenic drive from Skagway, Alaska heading into Yukon, Canada. On the way there are a lot of great photo sites including this one here. The water is serene, calm and cool. The air is pleasant, comfortably warm considering the surrounding snow and ice (approximately 65°-70° Fahrenheit when I was there). I love the way the mountains reflect off the water, and I like it more that there’s a slight disturbance that draws attention to the reflection in the water. Shot alongside the South Klondike Hwy alongside the Skagway River in British Columbia, Canada. Shot on iPhone XS. Shot with Moment.