Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake in Benton California. A significantly dried out lake, I stopped at during my visit in California, was only a couple hours quick stop, but was worth seeing just the same. Very salty, most of the water being long gone the remaining salt is much more concentrated. Initial decrease in water levels was the result of the city of Los Angeles diverting the water in the 1970s (possibly late ’60s, I’m not sure exactly when it happened). Since then some of the water was replenished, but levels are still significantly reduced from where they would have been decades earlier. Despite this there is significant wildlife in the surrounding area and (I may try to share pictures, but they’d be hard to see) life in the extremely salty water.

The formations are the result of dried salt, some of which is just left over from when the water was higher and some has spurted up in a sort of geyser like formation, but not geysers, just a similar concept.

Shot on iPhone X.

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