Vancouver Towers

One last day of the Vancouver skyline before I’m off to California, briefly. Again. And only for a couple weeks. There’s more to see in Vancouver, but my organization is horrible so tomorrow we go back to California for a bit so I can delay having to locate more Vancouver photos to post. Vancouver’s great, great city, happily progressive, but not too much so. LGBT friendly. Weirdest thing I saw was a woman walking around without a shirt. Or a bra. I’m big on saying I think women should be able to walk around with the same level of clothing as men without judgment, but… I’m also of the opinion that people should wear clothes when wandering around in public. But that’s just my opinion. Back to the city.

Vancouver skyline, beautiful and extensive, fairly consistent, sort of a clear boundary where the skyline ends, it doesn’t really slope down with older buildings along the ends so I think it looks very sci-fi, modern, semi-futuristic city like.

Shot on iPhone XS. Shot on Moment.

Shop Moment here:

(I do get something from that, but your price stays the same.)

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