Hey! Dumplings

Across the street from my last post is a small restaurant called Hey! Dumplings. Stopped for lunch. Loved it, struck me more as street food that should be in a food truck, but I saw lots of people grab and go, so I suspect that’s how people ate it anyways. I sat down to eat because I’d been walking all morning and would continue walking afterwards. I tried 2 dumplings which were delicious. Highly recommend stopping by if you’re in the area, friendly, women owned and operated business. And one of them was an open, unashamed Trekkie so that’s a plus. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten their names at the moment and didn’t actually have a picture of the outside of the building, but here’s a picture of food instead. (Poutine dumplings and buffalo, spicy, burn your tongue so you can’t taste anything dumplings) (I don’t remember the name) Shot on iPhone XS.

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