Vancouver Across Coal Harbor

On a nice sunny day, I got a nice few (well, dozens, but I don’t need to share every photo) photos of the Vancouver skyline from the southern side of Stanley Park, looking across Coal Harbor. I particularly like the way the city reflects off the water. Aside from this photo I just loved the general aesthetic the city had, the vast majority of the buildings following one rough style, color scheme, but not all looking exactly the same. Makes it look like the city was built in a short time rather than built up over centuries like New York (which I like too, but not for that reason). It really felt like the perfect setting for the many sci-fi tv shows that have been filmed there. I only wish that it wasn’t so frowned upon if I were to try walking into a random apartment or office building like I belong there and just wander around taking pictures of everything. Would have liked to get to the rooftops of several buildings. But that’s another thing entirely, maybe I’ll go back one day and see where I can go without getting arrested. Anyways…

Shot on iPhone XS. Shot on Moment Telephoto Lens.

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