Mendenhall Surroundings

The area around Mendenhall Lake has a number of other trails and popular (and some less popular) hikes. I didn’t have time to go on the longer trails and still see everything else I did, so unfortunately I missed quite a bit of what could have been around there. However, pretty much everything’s beautiful and barely touched by humans so it didn’t make a huge difference as far as the quality of the photography goes. First, a view of the ice blue water of Mendenhall Lake. Next is a small pool of water suspended at a higher point on a short trail to a lookout over a lake, contained in a natural rock-bowl. Nearby there’s the Park Ranger’s temporary office, a small tent (yurt) that did have a few Rangers outside talking with people and giving periodic presentations. I assume they’re only there during the peak tourist season from May through the end of September.

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